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  • 八大关历史文化街区积极性保护与整治规划

    Badaguan Historical and cultural district active protection and renovation plan

  • 营丘太公小镇概念规划

    Concept planning of Yingqiu Taigong Town

  • 北川羌族自治县曲山镇灾后重建总体规划

    The overall reconstruction plan of Qushan Town in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County

  • 北宅大崂村三村庄规划

    Three villages planning of Beizhai Da Lao Village

  • 奥帆中心及周边环境提升工程

    Olympic Sailing Center and surrounding environment Enhancement Project

  • 青岛中心城区户外广告设置总体规划

    Overall planning of outdoor advertising in Qingdao central urban area

  • 青岛中德生态园公共环境艺术规划设计

    Qingdao,Planning And Design Of Public Environment Art For Sino-German Ecopark

  • 金口村保护规划

    Jinkou Village protection planning

  • 《青岛市城乡规划管理技术规定》修编

    Revision of The Technical Provisions on Urban and Rural Planning administration of Qingdao

  • 《青岛市市区公共服务设施配套标准及规划导则》 修编

    Revision of Qingdao Urban Public Service Facilities Supporting Standards and Planning Guidelines

  • 青岛国际生态智慧城新港大型居住示范区修建性详细规划

    Qingdao,The Site Planning Of Qingdao International Ecological Wisdom City New bourResidential Area

  • 高新区软件科技城城市设计

    Urban design of Software Science and Technology City in High-tech Zone

  • 青岛蓝谷问海路城市设计

    Qingdao Blue Valley wenhai Road urban design

  • 藏马山旅游度假区规划

    Tibetan Masan tourism resort planning

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